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The Safe Crisis Management training program has as its fundamental purpose the prevention and safe resolution of explosive behavior.  Whether you are working with oppositional and defiant students or emotionally disordered clients, SCM provides your staff with a capacity to prevent or safely control dangerous situations.  SCM provides a comprehensive continuum of prevention, intervention & post intervention strategies focusing on…

Understanding the Individuals in Your Care
Individuals have different experiences, cognitive capacities, and varying degrees of success, growth, diagnosis, values, prejudices, skills, deficits and opportunities.  These variables impact their attitude, behavior, personality and stability.  It is with this knowledge that staff have the ability to provide individuals with growth and change opportunities.

Identifying & Understanding Behaviors of Concern
SCM teaches staff the various motivations prompting behaviors of concern.  Behavior characteristics provide staff with a concrete method of understanding events.  It is necessary staff understand the behavioral dynamics to effectively prepare for positive growth and behavior.

How to Promote Positive Growth & Behavior
SCM stresses positive beliefs and provides staff with a set of primary strategies that are designed to promote appropriate behavior and minimize behaviors of concern.

How to Respond to Behaviors of Concern
SCM provides staff with a set of secondary strategies directed at defusing negative energy and escalating behavior.  This component includes the use of environmental and communication strategies, as well as, supportive resources to de-escalate individuals and groups.

How to Create & Use Function-Based Behavior Support Planning
SCM provides staff with a process to gather details about events or factors that will be used to design effective positive function-based behavior support plans.

How & When to Use Emergency Safety Interventions
SCM teaches staff how to respond to behavior that is harmful to self or others.  This includes strategic protocols and intervention techniques directed at safely managing dangerous behavior.  SCM provides a continuum of emergency safety interventions that are safe and effective.  These interventions include physical techniques that have been medically reviewed for safety and are directed at positive outcomes.

How to Conduct Necessary Follow-Up Procedures
The SCM curriculum provides a series of after-incident procedures to ensure resolution and professional review.  Specific protocols and actions for medical, mental health and program follow-up, as well as, documentation requirements are provided.

JKM Training, Inc. offers Safe Crisis Management training in two different formats.  The first is SCM Instructor Training and the second is direct SCM Staff Training.

The SCM Instructor Certification Training Program is a rigorous, five-day learning experience where participants learn prevention, intervention and after-action strategies that are the core of SCM.  Participants will be exposed to a variety of supportive information and concepts central to providing instruction in SCM.  Participants will receive an Instructor’s Manual that provides a model curriculum for SCM Staff Training.  In addition, participants will be granted access to our Instructor’s Website which contains files to download such as:  slideshows, an Emergency Safety Physical Intervention video, training agendas, case studies, various templates, handouts, sample tests and so much more!  This program certifies successful participants as SCM Instructors for their organization/school.  SCM Instructors are required to attend a 2-day SCM Instructor Recertification Training Program on an annual basis.  Both of these Instructor Programs are offered as public or onsite training programs.

The SCM Staff Certification Training Program is a 2 or 3-day workshop where participants learn prevention, intervention and after-action strategies that are the core of SCM.  Participants will receive the SCM Participant’s Workbook, as well as, handouts that reinforce main concepts and templates that can be incorporated into their employment responsibilities.   Those attending the SCM Staff Certification are expected to attend the 1 or 2-day SCM Staff Recertification Training Program on an annual basis.  These programs are offered as onsite training programs only.

Administrators, teachers, and staff already experienced in dealing with behavior problems will recognize the advantage of the Safe Crisis Management Training Program.  JKM Training regularly participates in national forums and reviews the latest research to ensure the entire SCM system is at the cutting edge of intervention and emergency behavior management.  Our professional level instructors have all worked with educational institutions, juvenile justice systems and social service agencies.  They know firsthand the reality of today’s clients and students.

The SCM curriculum is directed at preparing staff to deal with individuals who need assistance during their most challenging moments using a most professional response.  We sometimes refer to this response capacity as… Professional Courage:  “Doing what is right even when it is difficult!”

 The Safe Crisis Management Difference!

  • SCM is more comprehensive in its theory, prevention, non-physical, physical and post-incident counseling than other programs!
  • SCM is based on solid principles of human growth and development, and safe interventions!
  • SCM emphasizes strength-based non-physical interventions in order to reduce the frequency of emergency safety physical interventions!
  • SCM provides a continuum of interventions which are based on the “Least Restrictive Alternative” principle!