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Since 1982, JKM Training, Inc. has provided a comprehensive continuum of prevention, de-escalation and safe emergency intervention strategies for responding to aggressive behavior in social service agencies and schools. Whether you are working with oppositional and defiant individuals or emotionally disruptive individuals, SCM provides staff with a capacity to prevent or safely respond to dangerous situations.

Safe Crisis Management® “SCM” is a comprehensive training program focused on preventing and managing crisis events, and improving safety in agencies and schools. Safe Crisis Management has a trauma-sensitive approach with emphasis on building positive relationships with individuals. Our program is designed to assist staff with responding to the needs of all individuals and particularly with the needs of the most challenging.

JKM Training, Inc. regularly participates in national and international forums and reviews the latest research to ensure the entire SCM system is at the cutting edge of intervention and emergency behavior management. Our professional level instructors have all worked with educational institutions, juvenile justice systems and social service agencies. Our program is used throughout the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Guam.


COVID-19 Update – Suggested Training Recommendations for SCM Instructors

We recognize the concerns organizations/schools and staff members may have due to COVID-19 and understand meeting your organization/school’s SCM Staff Training requirements may be one of those concerns.  Some may choose to continue their SCM Staff Trainings as scheduled and some may wish to temporarily postpone their SCM Staff Trainings.  We also understand any postponement could result in some staff not being recertified within a calendar year.  Please contact your licensing oversight authority to discuss any need your organization/school may have to temporarily delay SCM Staff Certification/Recertification trainings.  They should also provide you with additional guidance concerning training timelines during this time.  

If you decide to continue with your SCM Staff Trainings during this time period, we suggest you follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 Disease.  For example, participants should wash and/or sanitize their hands according to CDC guidelines before and after physical skills training.  Also, if an employee is sick, he/she should not attend the training.  The latest information and prevention recommendations regarding COVID-19 can be found at

If you would like to train staff remotely for the SCM Theory part of their certification and/or recertification, we have two possible options:

  1. Holding a live/real-time virtual training using an online meeting service (e.g. Skype, Zoom, etc.)
  2. If you do not already do so, you could have staff complete the Theory part of their cert or recert via our SCM Staff Certification and Recertification Online Training Courses.  During this difficult time, we will be offering a significant discount for our online courses beginning March 23rd.  For additional information on our online training, please click on the link above or contact Kimberly Matson directly at or by phone at 717-706-2745.

Again, the above options are for remote training of SCM Theory.  Until the spread of COVID-19 is no longer a concern, you may choose to allow participants attending SCM Staff Recertification Training to demonstrate Emergency Safety Physical Interventions without doing so on a fellow participant.  While this is not ideal, it may provide a temporary solution.  We do not recommend allowing this for participants attending the SCM Staff Initial Certification Training.  We recommend you wait and train in person.  However, you can prepare staff prior to the in-person training via virtual training demonstration or the use of our video.  When you are permitted to train staff in emergency safety physical intervention and if timing is an issue, please remember you only are required to train staff in (3) three standing assists to demonstrate the least restrictive alternative principle.  This may be helpful until more training time becomes available to you as an Instructor.

Again, in all cases – please comply with any federal, state and/or local superseding regulations that may be updated during this time period. 

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Safe Crisis Management and our training standards.


Please stay safe!