2021 MAKE UP SCM Instructor Recertification – Online/In-person – Feb 18, 2022 – Harrisburg, PA
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2021 MAKE UP SCM Instructor Recertification – Online/In-person – Feb 18, 2022 – Harrisburg, PA


Feb 18, 2022 (Fri)
8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Hilton Garden Inn Harrisburg East
3943 Tecport Dr
Harrisburg, PA  17111
(717) 635-7299

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JKM Training, Inc. is proud to present the 2021 Instructor Recertification training course!  This online/in-person training program certified SCM Instructors will review the SCM curriculum to clarify content and sharpen teaching & performance skills.

This year’s Instructor Recertification will focus on Critical Incident Debriefing and the Upgrade of SCM Training Materials.  The section on critical incident debriefing provides SCM Instructors with a curriculum by which they can train employees at their organizations/schools in critical incident debriefing with individuals and staff.  The training curriculum expands, in breadth and depth, upon the current SCM debriefing curriculum and incorporates considerations and recommendations for being trauma-aware during debriefing.  Training content areas will include…

  • Debriefing definitions & key points
  • Stress-related effects of being involved in critical incidents & how they can impact debriefing
  • Considerations & skills for successful debriefing
  • Debriefing process with individuals
  • Debriefing process with staff

The piece on upgrading SCM training materials will include new opening and closing sections to the chapters in your SCM Instructor’s Manual.  The following pieces will be introduced and provided to all SCM Instructors…

  • Section Overviews
    • Table of Contents
    • Learning Objectives
    • Key Terms & Concepts
    • Case Study Development
  • Section Summaries
    • Review Questions
    • Case Study Solutions
    • Lesson Plan

The in-person portion of this training will cover a review of the online training, a troubleshooting session, the SCM Instructor’s written test and practice/review and testing out of emergency safety physical interventions.  SCM instructors are required to attend an SCM Instructor Recertification on an annual basis.  This requirement is consistent with standards of the professional community, as well as, regulatory guidelines set by governing authorities.

The 2021 Instructor Recertification course is an upgrade of SCM you cannot afford to miss!  Sign up today!